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My name is Gina Challoner and I live in Loughborough UK. As you will gather, my kennel club registered affix is Farmwatch.

I currently own 2 Hovawarts, a male and a female.  If you click on MY KENNEL you can read about both dogs. My first ever Hovawart was Tarn and she also is featured in MY KENNEL. Information about my dogs will be added as their lives go on.

I have to mention my lucky mascot Dave. He was rescued from appalling conditions in Romania and he assumes top dog status over the others and of course he also has his own page as befits a dog of his stature. Well he thinks he’s the biggest dog in the kennel.

There is a page for any news on puppies and this will feature a diary of their activities.  A blog is included which will allow me to pass on any news I find interesting.

You’ll be wondering what exactly is a Hovawart.  A copy of the UK Breed Standard is included and below that page is a history of how the current Hovawart came into being. Hopefully this will help you understand a little of why I, and like minded people, absolutely adore this breed.  Maybe you’ll come to consider a Hovawart is for you.

Other pages feature articles that may help you understand this wonderful breed, there is a resumé of show results I achieve or have achieved with my dogs and lastly you can find links to other sites who share my passion for Hovawarts.